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Mega Sports Firearms offers the largest selection of gun safes in the Chicagoland area. We fully understand the importance of carrying only top quality products at a reasonable price. That’s why we work with the leading safe manufacturers to select safes that will protect what you value most. We provide full service needs for your safe purchase and delivery including electronic lock installation on most models. Let our trained staff help you identify the safe that will best suit your particular needs and budget.

We carry the industries best safes from these leading companies:


Mega Sports offers a service to our safe customers of having the safe delivered to your home or garage. To better understand the difference between delivery and placement of your safe, stated below are the definitions for cost evaluations.

DELIVERY - Call for quote. We will deliver your safe to your home and take it off our truck and set either on your driveway or just inside your garage door. The garage door must be at least 8 feet wide and 78 inches high. Delivery does not include taking the safe off of the pallet or moving the safe through any doorway that is less than the above dimensions. Delivery fees are evaluated based on distance from the store.

PLACEMENT - Call for quote. Delivery is a separate charge than Placement. Placement is when we will take the safe off the pallet and move the safe into the home so long as the customer has assured us that the safe will fit. Customers will provide a clear path into the home to accommodate the safe placement.

Our safe delivery personnel will try to minimize the amount of dirt and debris, but because of the type of equipment and the weight of the safe, the customer must understand that the carpet may get dirty. Also, we cannot transfer heavy weight over ceramic floors or down stairs that are not rated for the weight of the safe, machine, and Mega Sports employees.

• Landings on basement or staircase may encounter a problem for turning radius. Please notify the salesperson before the delivery is made.
• Ceiling height in the basement is important for standing the safe upright. Any drop ceilings lower than normal height must be evaluated before delivery.
• Closet widths must be measured for depth and width in several areas to ensure wall width and depth is the same top and bottom.
• Delivery fees are not refundable if the safe will not fit where the customer prefers. Factory warranty does not cover delivery or placement.
• Finally, the customer will need a second alternative location if the first choice of placement won’t fit. It is important that there be cooperation between the customer and Mega Sports Inc. to ensure placement of the new safe.
• It is recommended that the customer bring in photos and dimensions of the path to be taken during delivery/placement
• We reserve the right to not accept delivery/placement of a safe for any reason.

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