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Leupold & Stevens: Company was founded in 1907 and has been a family run and owned business ever since. The company started out making construction surveying equipment for government contracts. Gun scopes were not a main focus of Leupold until after World War II. Leupold now holds contracts with many of our armed forces  They are a high end manufacture of rifle and shotgun scopes, red-dot sights. rangefinders, binoculars, as well as countless mounting accessories. 

Redfield: Founded in 1909 by John C Redfield with the idea in mind that every hunter should have access to a quality scope at an affordable cost. The company is now owned by Leupold, however they are maintaning the brand name and quality/price assurance of it's founder. We carry their scopes for both rifles and shotguns as well as their line of red-dot sight systems. Our staff is able to help you find the correct scope for your needs, so don't hesiitate to come by and ask our experts.

Nikon Corporation: Nikon, the name photography enthusiasts around the world have known and trusted for almost 100 years, is also a leader in gun scopes and optics as well as a multitude of binoculars. They too make scope/optic mounting accessories. This company became famous for it's incredible glass quality as well as their superior lens coating. Stop by today and let one of our optics experts help find the right one for your needs.

L-3 Communications EOTech, Inc: Founded only in 1995, their holographic sight are used most commonly by many of the armed forces around the world. More commonly known as simply EOTech, they have built up quite a reputation for the rugged design and ability to easily manipulate a zoom scope while still maintaining their "zero". We keep a fairly large inventory of their products on hand all year long.

Nightforce: In 1992 this elite riflescope company started with one goal in mind, to build the finest scopes on the market. Based out of Orofino, Idaho, they have an extensive testing facility, with a 70 point inspection, that all of their scopes go through. The scopes go through a series of tests, assuring you to hte quality of parts that it will contain when you take it home. Their scopes are used by top shooters around the globe. Combined with their high quality scope rings and bases, these scopes will out preform most everything else on the market. They use some of the most cutting edge technology available, which is another reason that most folks say that they are a cut above the rest. Come by and check out our selection of Nightforce, you will not be disappointed.